Twenty-five years after the careless whispers that wrecked the marriage of Prince Charming to Cinderella, their daughter, Eloise, is working nine to five to hold together a bankrupt Kingdom.

Haunted by re-occurring dreams about her parents' disappearance, Eloise finds she can't hurry love with non-committal boyfriend Kit, who is too shy to reveal his true colors.

With the arrival of a charming stranger from the Underworld sparking a chain reaction that threatens to shatter the fragile Kingdom, Eloise heads to a land down under. Kit finds that there comes a time for making your mind up. Armed with nothing but a good heart and the power of love, he must solve the legendary Riddle, seeking help from an Old Man of Aran.

Personal fears must be overcome; ghosts of the past laid to rest. And the spell of a well-meaning Fairy Godmother is broken with consequences for all as a family secret is exposed.

Through the barricades of duty and obligation, as two tribes go to war, will love still save the day?

Copyright 2012 Jon Hare.  Artwork by Matthew Strange.

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